WHY to get Hair removal at AKESO ?

  1. We have world’s most advanced machine for hair removal which will achieve its target in about 99 % cases. Its FIRST LASER HAIR REMOVAL machine in world with TRIO CLUSTER TECHNOLOGY approved by US FDA ( United States – Food and Drug Administration) .
  2. We give 100 % moneyback guarantee to our patients. If you book a LASER HAIR REMOVAL package at AKESO and after 4 sittings there is no significant hair reduction then we offer 100 % money back guarantee .
  3. If you are a case with previous failure in LASER HAIR REMOVAL from any other clinic , still we treat you at our clinic with 100 % moneyback guarantee
  4. On the name of CHEAPER OFFERS at beauty clinics – You get LASER HAIR REMOVAL with IPL or CHINESE DIODE LASER MACHINE . They are ideally not suited to indian skin. They can change your complexion and burn indian skin specially if you don’t have a very fair complexion . The dark skin types are at most danger. In INDIA 90 % of clinics and beauty parlours or beauty clinics run by companies use these to remove your hair . The reason being that they are 4 times cheaper than standard LASER Machine by ALMA or LUMENIS . They are 8 times cheaper than our machine. Our LASER HAIR REMOVAL MACHINE is 8 times costlier than IPL and CHEAP chinese LASER machine , Yet our packages are affordable with 100 % moneyback Guarantee.
  • We are confident that if our LASER MACHINE is not able to do your hair removal then no other machine can do it in this world
  • NO USE of Cheaper technologies like IPL or CHEAP chinese LASER at AKESO
  • Get the Most PREMIUM LASER hair removal with one of most advanced laser Hair removal technologies in world.It is combination of DIODE LASER , ALEX LASER and Nd YAG LASER in one of most powerful LASER HAIR REMOVAL MACHINE – ALMA SUPRANO ICE PLATINUM. The PLATINUM version is about three times powerful than SUPRANO ICE LASER by ALMA
  • More than 90 % laser hair removal are being done in india at beauty clinics and parlours having no qualified doctors. There is significant role of Doctor in setting right energy settings in LASER MACHINE . Infact most of burn cases and DARK Skin complexion after LASER happens because LASER TECHNICIANS does not set proper energy setting  and proper speed in your LASER treatment .
  • At AKESO , all LASER HAIR REMOVAL treatments settings are set by Dr Akhilesh Jangid who is highly qualified plastic surgeon . AKESO is famous in more than 25 countries for premium hair transplant and Cosmetic Surgery .